Fiber Processing

Are you interested in having a fleece processed for you?  We process each fleece by hand which allows us to focus on the characteristics specific to that fleece.  Up until now, the options for wool processing were limited to sending it off to a mill (often with long wait times and minimum weights required) or learning to process it yourself.  We are happy to help create a new option for those who prefer that hand-processed level of attention without needing to do the "dirty work" yourself. 

There is magic in wool that has been lovingly processed by hand instead of machines. That magic is then carried over to the spinning, knitting, crochet, or felting project. 

Long ago, if you wanted wool you went direct to someone with wool-producing animals to get it or you raised your own wool animals. Then you sorted, washed, combed/carded, and spun the wool to finally be able to make your desired project.  Now, if we want wool we can go to the closest big-box store or order it online.  

Instead of a chore that has to be done in order to have blankets and clothes, now many fiber artists spin, knit, and craft with wool for the fun of it.  Yet many still don't want to process that wool from its direct-from-the-farm form. That's where I come in!  I'll hand process that fleece you fell in love with from the fiber market or local wool producer and return it to you full of potential and magic! 

Rates start at: 

50% deposit due to begin  
  •  Wash: includes sorting, scour, and fluff - wool is returned to you ready to comb or card - Starts at $15 per pound (raw weight)
  • Wash & card: -includes sorting, scour, and carding into either 2 or 4 oz batts (combing available at extra cost) - Starts at $30 per pound (raw weight)


  •  Extra dirty or lanolin heavy fleeces may require a 2nd wash. Additional $3 per pound (raw weight)
  • Undisclosed excessive burrs will be charged $20 per hour to remove, billed in 15-minute increments. 
  • Skirt your fleeces (or ask if they have been skirted), poo isn't fun for anyone - especially while washing wool. It also adds to your incoming weight.  Fleeces that come unskirted and with what I deem as excessive poo tags will be charged a fee. 
  • Some fleeces prefer to be combed - Locks longer than 3 inches can be combed for an additional $15 per pound (washed weight)

Ready to get started? Fill out my fiber in-take form here. I'll contact you after to get started. 

Fiber Producers/Farms - I'd love to work with you to process your herd's wool.  Volume discounts may be available! 

Volume discounts (incoming raw weights)
*No minimum weight for processing*
Up to 5 pounds – no discount
5 pounds up to 10 pounds – 10% discount
10 pounds up to 15 pounds – 15% discount
Over 15 pounds and up – 20% discount 
Discounts are applied to wool processing costs only and do not apply to shipping charges.
50% deposit paid upfront is before discounts