Our Story

 Meet Megan - Owner/CMM (Chief Mess Maker)
Obsessed with wool in all forms and hobbies, Megan began her crafting journey with crochet but it wasn't until she taught herself to knit socks that her love of wool really set in.  Learning to knit was the gateway craft as spinning, weaving, and needle felting shortly followed.  There were of course non-wool hobbies that came and went, though the one that stayed was cross stitch.  
Outside of the craft world, Megan is a stay-at-home mom to three kiddos whom she has homeschooled since 2018.  Megan is passionate about homeschooling and the flexibility it gives as she and all three kiddos fall under the NeuroDivergent umbrella.  
Meet Penny - Middle kiddo and inspiration behind our shop
A couple years ago, Penny was diagnosed Autistic and adhd just before her ninth birthday.  While jumping into the autistic community mom (Megan) learned about an organization that trains service dogs specifically for Autisic and other neurodivergent kiddos.  After discussing the option with the family, they decided to go through the process of getting a service dog for Penny.  It was this decision that eventually lead to the creation of A Pup For Penny, our original shop name, with all proceeds going towards the family fundraiser.  As of February 2023, the family has completed fundraising and is waiting to be matched with Penny's service dog.