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Business expense tracker

Business expense tracker

I created a small business expense tracker for my own business. I didn't want to pay for tax or expense software so I figured out how to make what I needed in excel. Not everyone has the desire or time to learn the complexity of Excel so I decided I should make it available for others to use.  

  • All formatting and formulas are locked and protected, this let's you use the tracker worry free! 
  • This is digital item, nothing will be shipped to you
  • Product created as an Excel template, has not been verified to work with other software programs. 

**Disclaimer - The file has been checked by my personal tax professional and given their approval for accuracy.

Also, I am not a tax professional, nor proficient in every type of business, however, I have been running my own businesses for over 10 years -everything from crafts, MLM, to daycare- so I have a large knowledge bank of info.

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