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Fleece processing - deposit

Fleece processing - deposit

There is magic in wool that has been lovingly processed by hand instead of machines. That magic is then carried over to the spinning, knitting, crochet, or felting project. 

Are you interested in having a fleece processed for you?  We process all fleeces by hand which allows us to focus on the characteristics specific to that fleece.  Up until now, the options for wool processing were limited to sending it off to a mill (often with long wait times and minimum weights required) or learning to process it yourself.  We are happy to help create a new option for those who prefer that hand-processed level of attention without needing to do the "dirty work" yourself. 

If you haven't already: 

Now you are ready to pay your processing deposit.  

Fiber Producers/Farms - I'd love to work with you to process your herd's wool.  Contact me about volume pricing. 

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